Welcome to our General Safety Induction course. The aim of this course is to introduce you to our policy and procedures before you commence work at any of our sites. This course applies to all Centre employees, contractors, service providers and tenants contractors. The course content will explain our obligations and your responsibilities.

This on-line course is divided into sections, all of which need to be successfully completed. You should be able to finish the course in about one hour.

When completed you will be able to:

  • Undertake works at any of our Centres for a period of 24 months

After successfully completing the Assessment, you will be able to:

  • Explain your obligations to Health and Safety under the Act
  • Have an understanding of the principles of the Risk Management process including hazard identification and risk analysis
  • Complete a Work Method Statement and Safety Management Plan
  • Understand and comply with the Centre Rules


To complete the course, you are required to undertake an assessment, which contains 20 questions. The assessment is included at the end of this online course and is automatically marked at the end of the examination. On achieving a pass mark of 80% you will be required to print out a General Safety Induction card which must be presented, upon request at any time by any employee at Centre Management.

Users of this General Safety Induction course will be able to:

  • Set their email address and username
  • Login and progress through the Induction course
  • Save and exit prior to completion
  • Login and resume accreditation from previous session
  • Submit necessary company and personal information once accredited
  • Login and update personal details (not name)
The request to provide company and personal information enables us to monitor successful candidates and also send reminders when accreditation is due to expire and requires renewal. 


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