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At any of our Centres, we recognize the importance of safety to all persons that visit any part of any Centre in the portfolio. It is therefore imperative that persons under our control understand they have a duty of care for not only themselves, but everyone, hence the adoption of the �Health & Safety First� policy. This policy integrates with the Operations Risk Manual used in the Centres and sets a benchmark for performing any kind of work in any or all of our Centres.

The Health & Safety First policy is a living document and its evolution and improvement relies on the input from all persons working for, or with, our Centres under management. We therefore invite your comments and feedback.

Our Policy

Our �Health & Safety First� Policy emphasizes our commitment to safety and the well-being of all staff, tenants, contractors, service providers, visitors and customers.

Our company encourages commitment from all persons to following appropriate safe practices at the workplace at all times. ie Health & Safety First � All the time!

All incidents are preventable and safety is a responsibility of all.

Health & Safety Policy Statement

It is the company policy to take all practical steps to safeguard staff, tenants, contractors, service providers, visitors and customers from accidents and to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

We recognize our responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of all people in our Centres. Our operational efficiency can be measured directly by our ability to control unnecessary loss. Accidents resulting in personal injury and damage to property and equipment represent needless financial loss for both the individual concerned and the respective company.

We endeavour to ensure that visitors (i.e. persons not in our employment) are not exposed to risks to their health and / or safety while they are on our premises.

It is imperative that all employees and visitors recognize the need for safety, in particular those in a supervisory or managerial capacity. No-one can be relieved of any part of his/her responsibility for safety. Safety is an operating function and cannot be transferred to the Managing Director.

Everyone is expected to abide by our �Health & Safety First� initiative and follow the safety rules laid down and to accept responsibility for protecting themselves, their fellow workers, visitors and company assets.

Everyone is encouraged to report hazardous conditions to their line manager and to make suggestions that will improve the safety of the workplace.

Steven Bridges

Managing Director

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